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photo_du_jour.jpgTitre : Forge Hugron
Description : Photo taken about 1920. First blacksmith shop bought by Mr. Hugron in 1871. Elsewhere Bar site today
Source : Historic Societe of Coaticook
Mots-clés : Coaticook
marche_public.jpgTitre : Central Market
Description : Procurement in 1882 opened two days a week and accommodating five butchers. It was called Central Market. It was located on the Parc Chartier.
Source : Historic Society of Coaticook
Mots-clés : Coaticook
cles_commerces_de_coaticook_verso0006.jpgTitre : Forge Hugron
Description : Back of the postcard of the forge Hugron.
Source : Historic Societe of Coaticook
Mots-clés : Coaticook
dles_commerces_de_coaticookverso0008.jpgTitre : Postcard of Central Market
Description : Back of the postcard Central Market. Published by Rumsey & Co. Ltd.., Toronto
Source : Historic Societe of Coaticook
Mots-clés : Coaticook

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