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Le Courant

Automne 2011 | 13

Charles Durand

In fall 2004, I'm on duty at the local historical society Coaticook. Surrounded by old newspapers, old magazines, old photos and wearing old socks, I want to educate myself on what happened. Suddenly, on the front page of Coaticook Observer on July 7, 1932, my eyes fall upon this article that wears the title "Old Citizen of Coaticook dies in California (a former citizen of Coaticook dies in California). He is Dr. Charles Durand, son of the late Joseph Durand, citizen held in our city. In Coaticook, people familiar with the Durand surname. A street that name since 1957 and a school is also called Bishop Durand since 1954. This refers to Bishop Louis Prosper Durand, a missionary. Born November 13, 1885 in Coaticook, he was ordained priest 25 July 1912. A little later that same year, October 10, he was sent to Cheefo, China. In 1921, the priest contracted tuberculosis. He was sent to a sanatorium in California where he stayed for eight months. Why there? The hospital is run by his brother, Charles. Once cured, the missionary returned to China and later in Tokyo, Japan. There he died August 7, 1972 at the age of 87. When Charles is another of the seven children of Joseph and Alice Durand Cutting. He was born in 1886, specifically December 10, and he too has remained, according to research in this house that can still be seen here in Coaticook, at 421 Main Street East (corner St-Jacques and Main ) Further research Research by Alain G. Veilleux. agronomist, as he was the owner of the residence in the early 2000s, Joseph learned that Durand had bought and lived in this residence in 1898 and that until his death at the age of 51, 4 October 1905. His wife Alice, meanwhile, had left this world January 11, 1897, aged only 41 years. On the death of his father, Charles became heir to the place. Note that in the document "A Review of the Past" presented to members of the Historical Society of Stanstead County, during a visit to our city June 5, 1965, we had this house on Main Street as having been " The little red school house ". It was said that its construction dates back to 1847. Located on the territory of Barford, she was the only school in that corner. She had also served at religious services. Currently this house is owned by Stéphane Provencher. Dr. Durand Let us return to Dr. Durand. At the end of his medical studies at Laval University in 1914, it is experiencing health problems. He went to Colfax, California, to recover. Under the medical supervision of Dr. Robert A. Peers, he knows a wonderful recovery. Grateful for all that he had received, the young doctor decides to remain there. Mention that he met the beautiful Anna Evelyn Freitas, daughter of immigrant parents from the Azores Islands. Anne had gone to Colfax, too, for a cure in the sanatorium of the place. Born December 12, 1888 in Oakland, California, Anna and Charles were married Oct. 30, 1919 and settled in Colfax. On 6 August 1920, they had a child named Robert Louis. Anna died September 30, 1979, San Francisco, California. Model Citizen Dr. Durand was certainly a credit to his hometown in his new American city. Here is what told the local newspaper after his death on July 6, 1932. The title of the article: Our town saddened. Nothing sadder when our little town in recent years that the sudden death Unexpected Dr. Charles J. Durand. His place in the everyday life of community, will be difficult to fill. His patients and staff at the local hospital sanatorium and will miss it. We'll also miss the meetings Weekly Lions Club where he was a very active member (and member founder in 1928) He will be missed, too, with all other citizens who are devoted himself during the 18 years he has resided in Colfax. Dr. Durand was undoubtedly one of our most outstanding citizens. It was interested in the welfare of Colfax and its citizens. He was interested in youth our city and county. He gave his time and paid his money for their welfare. In his medical profession, it was held in high esteem. For patients in the Colfax School for the Tuberculous, it was not only a doctor but also a model. Our city can hardly recover from the loss of men of the caliber of Dr. Durand and his death was a blow to us all. He was 45 years, 6 months and 18 days when death has prevailed. In addition to his wife, Mrs. Anna E. F. Durand, and a 12 year old son, Robert, he leaves to mourn his loss a brother in China, the Reverend Mr. Prosper Durand, two nuns, including the Reverend Sister Mary Alice Marcelin, Saskatchewan, Canada. He also leaves behind his sister Mrs. Louis J. Olivier Berlin, N.H. The newspaper mentioned, too, he deserved to live longer. We also wrote that it was pitiful to know that this man who fought so hard to live and who seemed to have several years before him, be taken from them after a transaction considered minor (hernia) and with the best specialists. Blood clots in the brain caused the death of the good Dr. Charles J. Durand.

Le Courant

Le Courant est publié par la Société une fois par année. Membres de la société, historiens professionnels et amateurs partagent avec les lecteurs le fruit de leurs recherches. Les textes sont disponibles en français et en anglais. La publication de cette revue est rendue possible grâce au soutien de commanditaires locaux que nous remercions avec toute notre gratitude.

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