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Le Courant

Automne 2019 | 21

L'Étoile de l'Est 1887


The first issue of L'Etoile de l'Est was published on July 15, 1887. Leonilde-Charles Bachand was the co-owner. Then, in 1926, Alfred Desrochers founded a weekly version of the newspaper in Coaticook which ran until Le Progres puchased the business on August 1, 1951.

M. Alfred Desrochers

M. Alfred Desrochers

Journal L'Étoile de l'Est

Le Progres de Coaticook

A group of merchants and industrial leaders dedicated to the development of the city put out copies of Le Progres de Coaticook to the citizens on March 9, 1950. The intent of this newspaper was to inform the readership about local activities and, as well to promote, to the best of their ability, what progress and advancement took place within the city and region.

Le Progres de Coaticook was delivered to each household on a weekly basis. It was intended to bring the people of Coaticook and area the regional news, informative articles for the homemaker, the farmer, the sportsman and young people.

                                    Progrès 1
Here is a brief description of the mandate given to the owners of the newspaper Le Progres de Coaticook in 1950. It was at a time when a visit from the Bishop made the front page. From the earliest issues, local merchants took advantage of the fact that by putting an announcement of the weekly specials would realize a new form of communication with the public. Roger Jean-Marie, printer, became the sole proprietor of this weekly Quebec newspaper in 1952. He was assisted in this business by his wife Mariette and, by his children, Gerard, Robert and Suzanne. Mr. Jean-Marie ran the newspaper for over four decades. He was recognized as a man with heart, who worked with fairness in all issues while at the same time carving a place for himself in the industry.

A newspaperman with his pen at the ready, he knew the right words to motivate his staff. He had an innate ability of putting together people with very differenct ways of thinking. More than just the newspaperman, he would go on to realize many other projects. It was his feeling that the opinion of the people who lived in the city was just as important as the people who lived in the country. It was from this point of view that he instructed his staff to cover this agricultural area which he was so proud of and, defended. Proudly he pushed his team to better themselves in their reporting. This newspaper would help to uplift everyone.
                                 Progrès 2

Even to this day, the employees of the Progres de Coaticook carry on with the principals of their founders. At the start of the present century, the Progres changed ownership again and the people of Coaticook welcomed a local owner by the name of Henri Gerin.

It gives great pride to the people in the area that a business can be taken over and managed by a well known local figure when he adds his byline to the article. Ever since the creation of the Coaticook weekly, the team has always worked to make themselves worthy of their founders. We have only to remind ourselves about the dedication of our employees. Remember the 35 years of Laureat Belanger and the 35 years of journalistic endeavor by Eliette Fisette to understand that all the employees of the newspaper have the logo ''Progres'' etched on their hearts.

It is now more that 60 years since the founding of the newspaper. The TC Media Group continues to promote the initial mandate of informing the readership and being of service to the advertisers. Monique Cote is the General Manager today and leads a dynamic and experienced team. The newspaper has made the technological shift of being available on the Internet and on Facebook, a modern approach to communication for the subscribers.

Reference: ''Coaticook racontee par ses citoyers'', (Coaticook as told by its citizens), the 150th annivers

Le Courant

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